Background Music Will Only Come To Xbox One When It’s Done Right

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Many Xbox One updates have been released, yet background music has not been added yet. This is because Microsoft is waiting until the feature is done correctly.

As reported by Gamespot, Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra talked about adding background music to the Xbox One during The Inner Circle podcast. There is a reason why it’s taking a long time for the feature to come.

Ybarra confirmed that background music “is on the list” of things that Microsoft plans to add to the Xbox One in the future. However, it’s a feature that might not be coming out soon as they want to perfect it first.

He also mentioned background music could have been released already, but it would have been only in a “medium-quality“. They are instead waiting until it comes out so the feature is done so that it can please everybody.

Background music is one of the cool features that are available for the Xbox 360 console. However, it was disappointing when the Xbox One launched and the feature was gone from the new console.

People can somewhat use background music, but only if the Xbox Music App is open with Snap. It’s not ideal as a portion of the screen is taken up and you have to rely on the music library via Xbox Music only. Hopefully the feature is similar to the Xbox 360 so that players can play their own MP3 files via USB.

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