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Bandai Namco Announces Tekken for Mobile

by Jose Belmonte


Today Bandai Namco has announced a new portable Tekken entry. But it’s not headed for any console, but for smartphones running on iOS and Android. The new entry gets rid of any numbers or subtitles in order to signal a new way to expand the series on the huge mobile market. And from the information that the company has shared, it seems that the game will have enough content and variety to satisfy all the fans of the veteran series. The move comes on the back of the strong sales for Tekken 7.

The new game will offer a roster of 100 characters, all of them with their own unique moves and fighting styles. New players will begin with a limited selection, with new characters being unlocked through in-game challenges or other methods undisclosed for now. The game will feature a fully realized Story Mode for offline players consisting on a map with regular encounters and boss battles. Players will be able to build specialized teams in order to tackle on specific challenges.

The Dojo Challenge mode is reserved for online fights, in which players can fight with their own customized team. Of course, an online rank will compare their own performance with the best players around the world. The game will also benefit from having daily events in which rare characters and content will be available for limited time.

If this sounds about right to you, the official website of the game allows fans to register and get access as soon as the game is launched on iOS and Android. The more registrations they get, the better the rewards will be on launch day. The rewards go from 10000 coins and 100 gems in the lower level to a secret exclusive character, XP booster, Health Packs, and a Revive.

Tekken will be launched soon worldwide on smartphones for free, although the game has received a ‘soft  launch’ on iTunes Canada today. Watch the trailer below.

Tekken – iOS/Android – What’s your next move? (Announcement Trailer)




- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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