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Bastion Creators Preview New Game ‘Pyre’ Ahead of Release

by Jose Belmonte


Supergiant Games are finally launching their third videogame this week. Pyre is a colorful action-RPG that certainly looks worthy of following the steps of its predecessors Bastion and Transistor, and it’s coming on PS4 and PC tomorrow, July 25. To celebrate the occasion, the studio has shared online a new trailer reviewing its main features, including a gorgeous artstyle and some very original fighting mechanics.

The story of Pyre follows a group of exiles in their search for freedom by participating in a tournament that takes part in a sort of purgatory world. The gameplay mixes world exploration and moments where players make decisions that affect the course of the story. The battles are set between groups of three characters, who must try to turn off each team’s flame. Of course, the player will be able select the best team configuration and decide their characters’ equipment.

The game also includes a local multiplayer mode for versus battles, in which each player will be able to form their team selecting each of the 20 characters available. Additionally, PS4 Pro players will be able to enjoy 4K resolution and a smooth 60FPS.

Pyre will release on PS4 and PC tomorrow, July 25. Watch the launch trailer below.

Pyre – Launch Trailer | PS4



- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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