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Batman: Arkham Knight August DLC Brings Keaton Batman Into The Fold

by Dean James


Batman: Arkham Knight just had it’s first piece of DLC release to Season Pass owners yesterday in the Matter of Family DLC that lets you take control of Batgirl. While that doesn’t go up for everyone else until next week, Rocksteady has already revealed their August DLC, which takes a trip back to 1989.

The main course of the August DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight is the addition of DLC based around the 1989 classic Batman movie starring Michael Keaton. In this DLC, you will of course get a costume that looks just like the one from that movie, along with an accompanying Batmobile skin from the movie.

That is not all for the Keaton Batman era, as there are also two special tracks that are based on the sequel Batman Returns. These are fully done by Rocksteady as well, instead of being outsourced like the Batgirl DLC.


There is also more in store, with even more costumes for not just Batman, but other characters as well. These include Arkham Origins Batman, Iconic Black and Grey Batman, 1970s Batman, 1990s Catwoman, One Year Later Robin and Classic Arkham Nightwing.

It is great to see some of the sidekicks getting additional costumes to use, along with the other content. There is sadly no story DLC here, but this is a good taste for more to come.

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