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Batman: Arkham Knight Gotham’s Future Costume Pack Revealed

by Dean James


Batman: Arkham Knight is finally less than a month away from its official release after a number of delays, so odds are that many gamers have already pre-ordered one of the multiple available bundles. We knew that certain retailers have specific DLC bonuses, such as the Red Hood DLC at GameStop, but just pre-ordering anywhere also provides the special Harley Quinn DLC. While this seems pretty good on its own, it now appears that those who pre-order Batman: Arkham Knight will be receiving something else, at least on Steam.

The official Steam page for Batman: Arkham Knight posted the above image within the image gallery, which reveals the Gotham’s Future skin pack. Within this pack, we get re-imaginings of skins we saw in Arkham City with the Batman Beyond and The Dark Knight Returns skins.

These are quite different from the past, especially the Batman Beyond skin. The Batman Beyond skin actually looks a lot like the villainous Arkham Knight, so it is an interesting route to go after the Beyond skin in Arkham City looked rather disappointing. The Dark Knight Returns skin also is changed some from before, but still looks close enough to the original design.

The big question here is whether this skin pack being a pre-order bonus is a Steam exclusive or not. No announcement has been made about this pack outside of the Steam listing, but it seems odd to leave out PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in this instance. We should get more information soon on this, as the game is not very far away at all.

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