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Batman: Arkham Knight On PS4 Outsells Xbox One Version By A Large Margin In UK

by Damian Seeto


Batman: Arkham Knight sold tremendously well in the UK with the PS4 version the most preferred copy.

As reported by VideoGamer, Batman: Arkham Knight predictably was the best selling game last week in the UK. A lot of people bought it on PS4 than on Xbox One.

67 percent of Batman: Arkham Knight sales in the UK were of the PS4 version. Only 33 percent were from the Xbox One version. Only retail copies were counted, so this rules out the PC version entirely.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Batman: Arkham Knight became the fastest selling video game of 2015 in the UK. It easily made a bigger impact in its first week than the previous games in the series.

Batman: Arkham Knight also outsold both The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Battlefield Hardline’s debuts in the UK as well. It’s likely the game sold a ton of copies elsewhere in the world too.

Batman: Arkham Knight’s sales would have been higher if the PC version was working. Sadly, the PC version came out with glitches and the game was pulled off of Steam.

Nevertheless, the game itself is popular to both critics and gamers alike. It will be interesting to see what Rocksteady Studios decides to do next.

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