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Batman: Arkham Knight PC Launch Disaster Has Warner Bros. Modifying Internal Review Process

by William Schwartz


To say the launch of Batman: Arkham Knight on PC was anything but disastrous would be an understatement.  Rocksteady’s latest was launched and then subsequently pulled from Steam because the game had such glaring technical issues that the PC community was in uproar.  While games constantly launch in broken states these days, this was an exception, one that Warner Bros. realized was going to need some time.

Over the weekend, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment took to Steam to give fans a heads-up on what they should expect in the future for Arkham Knight.  The game’s downloadable content has been delayed, the PC version is being worked on, and apparently, Warner will be giving games more rigorous testing going forward.  You can find their full statement here.

Because of this latest launch, we are modifying the internal process for all of our games, says WBIE

So what does the future hold for Arkham Knight on PC?  “For those who are waiting for the updated version of the game on PC, please know that we are working on this every day.  For the players who are continuing to play Batman: Arkham Knight on PC, fixes are continually being made to the game as we await the final updated version,” reads a post by Gary Lake-Schall.

“Addressing the PC performance issues is still our top priority and at this time, we believe we have identified a number of fixes for the larger issues that were affecting PC players at launch. These fixes are currently being implemented into the game and once we have been able to do some initial testing, we’ll have a better idea on the status of our progress.”

As for the future of Warner Bros’ games, it appears that this incredibly bad launch has prompted the company to modify their internal process in attempts to curb the release of completely broken products.  “We can also assure you that because of this latest launch, we are modifying the internal process for all of our games.”

The timetable for the release of a fixed Arkham Knight on PC is unknown at this point.  Unfortunately, the additional work that was necessary and ongoing with the PC version of the game has also pushed back the release of downloadable content for the game as well.  Batman: Arkham Knight — Batgirl: A Matter of Family will not be available when it shoots out to consoles on July 14th.  Maybe they’ll give it away for free as a token of good faith for the PC community.  Warner Bros has not made any statement to that effect, but other companies have done similar promotions in the past for broken PC games.


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