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Batman: Arkham Knight September Update Brings Nightwing Story Mission Next Week

by Dean James


Batman: Arkham Knight may have released almost three months ago now, but Rocksteady Studios is far from done with the game, as we have plenty of DLC still to come. With the month coming to an end soon, a release date for the September DLC as well as details of the October DLC have been revealed.

As of right now, the Batman: Arkham Knight Tumblr Batmobile Pack and Original Arkham Skins DLC pack are available, with the Tumblr DLC being free for Season Pass owners, while the Arkham Skins are free for anybody.

Next week however will bring the bigger releases for September, with both the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #2 and the GCPD Lockdown DLC, which stars Nightwing. These of course will be free for those that own the Season Pass as well, so make sure to download them if you have it.

The bigger news was details of the October update, which will bring even more content. This update will include the Batman Classic TV Batmobile and Skins pack, which adds ’60s Catwoman and Robin. There is also the Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #3 included with this.

The hard hitter from this DLC will be the Catwomen’s Revenge DLC, which is set after the ending of Arkham Knight, with Catwoman seeking to get revenge on the Riddler after what he did to her in the Batman: Arkham Knight main story.

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