Batman: Arkham Knight Team-Up Trailer Returns Many Familiar Fan Favorites

by Dean James

Batman: Arkham Knight is less than two months away so Rocksteady and WB Games are readying that final push before the release on June 23. Last week was originally going to see the release of a brand new trailer for the game, but it was then delayed as they said they had plans for a “more exciting” method of putting the trailer out. That time has finally come as the latest trailer has finally arrived, courtesy of YouTuber TheDufase19089 rather than the actual Batman: Arkham Knight account for some reason, this time showcasing some sort of team-ups that will be found in the game.

Three teasers were put online over the weekend, each showing the return of a familiar face with Azrael, Catwoman, and Nightwing each showing up in one. This was accompanied by the official Batman: Arkham Knight website showing off pages for not only these three characters, but also Robin aka Tim Drake, who oddly didn’t get his own teaser. He certainly was not left out of the actual trailer though.

Within the trailer that you can see below, we see Catwoman, Nightwing, and Robin all working alongside Batman in some capacity. It even looks like some sort of tag team attacks are involved, which hopefully are in the actual game and not just cutscenes. Rocksteady has said before there wouldn’t be any multiplayer element, so that should mean there is no chance this is co-op play.

Azrael is then used more as a way to push the story of the trailer with the prophecy that will be played out throughout the story of Batman: Arkham Knight.