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Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass Content Revealed

by William Schwartz


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released information on the season pass for its upcoming title Batman: Arkham Origins. For $20, WB is promising five upcoming downloadable content packs — however, only one of those packs is actual story campaign. The other four packs are strictly costumes and skin packs for the Dynamic Duo.

The included costume packs are: New Millennium Skins Pack, Infinite Earth Skins Pack, Gotham by Gaslight Batman Skin and Brightest Day Batman Skin. Along with the costumes is also a set of challenge maps called “Initiation,” a new mode which puts gamers in the shoes of a young Bruce Wayne training to become Batman. And finally, as mentioned above, the season pass will included an all-new story campaign, but there were no further details on that at this time.

While Warner Bros. may boast this $20 season pass is a $30 value, it couldn’t be any more of a slap in the face. What happened to the days when something as trivial as costumes were unlocked simply by completing quests in game? Don’t brag about how it includes five DLC packs, when almost all of them are just in-game skins. Season passes are becoming almost worthless now. Either the promised DLC has been a disappointment, or the things included don’t make the “bundle” worth it.

How do you feel about season passes? Is it a good thing for the industry, or just taking fans for granted? Let us know in the comments below!

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