Batman vs Superman 4K Blu-ray Is Set To Be Over 100GB Big

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4K is relatively a new format for most people and it will take up a lot of data. The upcoming Batman vs Superman Blu-ray on 4K will have over 100GB of data on it.

This news is according to a UK home theater website called Inside CI. They said thar Batman vs Superman will be the “first 4K Blu-ray disc to be released on a 100GB triple layer disc by a major studio“. Imagine needing to download that amount of data…

The only reason the 4K Blu-ray is so large is because this is the Ultimate Edition of the movie. The Ultimate Edition is 3 hours long as it includes 30 minutes of footage that was not released in the cinemas. It will also have over 2 hours of bonus material.

The Blu-ray for the movie will be out in North America on July 19th, 2016 while it comes out in the UK on August 1st, 2016. If you want to just get the digital version of the film, it will be available later this month. The digital version won’t be in 4K though so you don’t have to worry about downloading 100GB…

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