Zack Snyder: Batman vs Superman Has Doomsday To Set Up Justice League Movie And More

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Many people were surprised to know that Doomsday will be in Batman vs Superman. Zack Snyder has chimed in to explain why he has been included in the movie.

Zack Snyder opened up to discuss more about Doomsday during an interview with The Daily Beast. Part of the reason he’s in Batman vs Superman is to set up the Justice League movie and the DC cinematic universe.

He said it made sense to add Doomsday in the film now. Doomsday does not just “crawl out of the ground” explains Snyder. He promises the character has his own mythology that will be further explored. Snyder then mentioned the conflict between Batman and Superman is not the only thing happening because he wanted the audience to know that “there’s also a bigger world to start to think about.”

Snyder talked briefly about the Justice League movie as well. The Justice League “is the next step for these characters to form a bigger team“. It was teased that they have to fight “a bigger enemy“. Doomsday is just a small taste for what’s to come from the sounds of things. It’s being speculated that the main villain for Justice League will be Darkseid.

If you have seen the latest trailer for Batman vs Superman, there is a dream sequence that hints of a post-apocalyptic future. This could have been a teaser for Darkseid invading Earth. Doomsday on the other hand is a big villain that Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have to take down in Dawn of Justice.

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