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Batman vs Superman R Rated Blu-ray/DVD Movie Length Revealed

by Damian Seeto


The theatrical release of Batman vs Superman is not even out yet and Deborah Snyder (Producer) has already revealed the estimated length for the R rated Blu-ray/DVD coming out later this year.

Snyder was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter where she estimated how much more new footage is included in the R rated version of Batman vs Superman.

She said: “The why of that is [the DVD version] is a half-hour longer, and some of that additional material is some of the stuff we took out for the rating. I was like, “Cool, I can put it back in for the director’s cut.” There was nothing by design. This was the material I just put back in, and then when [the MPAA] looked at it again, they were like, “Oh, now the movie’s rated R.” And, by the way, it’s not a hard R. There’s no nudity. There’s a little bit of violence. It just tips the scale.”

The theatrical cut for Batman vs Superman clocks in at 151 minutes. With Snyder claiming that the R rated cut adds 30 more minutes, it’s more than likely this version of the movie will be 3 hours long. We know Jena Malone’s scenes will be in it as she was sadly cut from the original movie.

Snyder also explained that the decision to release a Blu-ray/DVD that is R rated was not influenced by the popularity of Deadpool. The R rated version of Batman vs Superman was actually cut a week before Deadpool even came out.

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