Batman vs Superman Sold Really Well On Blu-ray Thanks To Extended Scenes

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Batman vs Superman may not be a perfect film, but the Ultimate Edition on Blu-ray improved on it. The extended scenes helped the Blu-ray sell really well when it came out last week.

As reported by Variety, Batman vs Superman easily shot up to the top of the DVD/Blu-ray charts despite being one of the most polarizing movies released in 2016.

To help fuel the buzz for the home release, the Blu-ray includes the Ultimate Edition which is the 3 hour cut of the film. The additional 30 minutes of footage helps flesh out the story and character motivations.

Since the Ultimate Edition has more scenes, over 70 percent of sales were for the Blu-ray version of the movie. Only 30 percent of the sales were for the DVD version. It is one of the highest proportions for sales bought on Blu-ray ever seen for a blockbuster movie. The only other movie to get a higher percentage of Blu-ray sales was Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens.

Batman vs Superman is not the only DC movie out this year as Suicide Squad is releasing very soon. Not to mention 2017 is another important year for DC with Wonder Woman and the Justice League movies also coming out.

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