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Battle Royale Game The Culling Arrives on Xbox One

by William Schwartz


If you’ve been waiting for Battle Royale to finally hit consoles, The Culling might scratch that itch as the game has just launched into the Xbox Game Preview Program.  While the game is still a work in progress, it’s made quite a bit of progression since it was released on Steam.

Our initial impressions of the Battle Royale title that pitted survivors against one another in a game show environment were pretty positive, as even in its raw form, it was a ton of fun to play.

In The Culling, 16 players are put on an island and have a certain amount of time to explore the location, find or craft weapons, build traps for other players, and battle each other.  As time progresses in the match, players will be pushed towards a center stage area where the victor will be crowned victorious.

The Battle Royale genre has seen an explosion in popularity in recent years as numerous developers have tried to tackle it with varying degrees of success.

Most recently Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds released on Steam to incredible popularity.  Taking what The Culling Does and placing players on a much larger map, with far more players, and the ability to work cooperatively as a group.  That too is said to be arriving on the Xbox One at some point.

Regardless, you don’t have to wait for The Culling, it’s available right now on the Xbox Store for $24.99

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