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Battlefield 4 due for reveal later this year

by William Schwartz


While Battlefield 3 and the Battlefield Premium service have kept fans of the shooter content since 2011, EA and DICE do have Battlefield 4 waiting in the wings. This secret was revealed when EA used the popularity of the shooter to garner pre-order interest in Medal of Honor, by offering fans a chance at the Battlefield 4 Beta in exchange for purchasing Warfighter. While Medal of Honor might have hit a snag when it released late last year, it cemented Battlefield as the #1 shooter in EA’s lineup by a landslide.

In yesterday’s EA earnings call, it was revealed that Battlefield 4 would be revealed later this year. To be more specific, Frank Gibeau, president of EA labels explained that the publisher should be ready to delve into specifics about the next game within the next 90 days.

This would follow a similar timeline to what we saw with Battlefield 3, as EA used news surrounding the Game Developer’s Conference to showcase Battlefield 3 for the first time. We’ll have to wait and see what new details await for Battlefield fans in the coming months as EA nor DICE have revealed any Battlefield 4 details with regards to new features of the upcoming game. Meanwhile, DICE is still supporting Battlefield 3 proper. The final expansion pack for Battlefield 3 is due out in March with “End Game”, which was recently revealed by the developer to include classic Battlefield modes like Capture the Flag and Air Superiority.

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