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Battlefield 4 to feature new level of weapon customization

by William Schwartz


Battlefield’s class based gameplay allows you to play the way that you want to play, in roles that suit your specific playstyle. Within those classes there has previously been some level of customization in the Battlefield series. However, DICE has recently revealed that Battlefield 4 will feature more weapon customization than ever before. According to DICE, they’ve “tripled the number of available accessories and increased the number of available slots where you can install them.”

In a recent post on the Battlefield Blog, DICE details the customization options for a single weapon in Battlefield 4. The number of different ways to customize a single weapon ends up with more 240,000 different variations. All of these different variations have differences that can be seen and felt by the player. When customizing each weapon players can see how each customization option effects the weapon, whether that be in damage, accuracy, range, stability, and other stats.

Weapons will also feature “Adaptive camos” and the traditional Autumn, Desert, Naval, Snow, Urban, and Woodland skins. When adapative camos are selected, the gun skins adapt to the environment on the level you are playing on. This adaptive camo is said to help you blend into the map.

Battlefield 4 is due out later this year, with a multiplayer beta set for early-October.

Battlefield 4 Weapon Customization

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