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Battlefield 4: Night Operations Arriving in September

by William Schwartz


The Battlefield 4 community is apparently still going strong enough to warrant new maps and features being added to the game.  The 2013 release of the shooter was shaky at best, but DICE has pulled the game together over the course of the last two years with plenty of downloadable content, improved functionality, and a community testground.

Coming in September of this year, Battlefield 4 Night Operations are set to commence.  DICE announced today that new sounds, destructible lights, and tweaked gameplay ideas should mix things up for those still playing the game.

Zavod: Graveyard Shift was revealed today on the Battlelog Blog, and it’s based on the Battlefield 4 map Zavod 311.  Gameplay has said to have been shifted to a more steath and tactics experience.  The sound system has been improved to the point where players can pinpoint where footsteps come from.

The Graveyard Shift map for Battlefield 4 will support standard game modes like Conquest, Rush, TDM, Obliteration, Domination, and Gun Master.

The video below shows off the new map in action and goes over some of the new features found in Battlefield 4: Night Operations.

Battlefield 4: Night Operations Playtest

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