Attack of the Fanboy

New Battlefield 4 Screenshots Incoming, Multiplayer rumored

by William Schwartz


New Battlefield 4 screenshots are on their way, DICE and EA are prompting fans to participate in social media campaigns to reveal pieces of the new media for the upcoming shooter. The developers have started campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, revealing slices of the images as fans like, tweet, and follow the imagery.

There’s not much to see here yet. At the moment, there are only bits and pieces to peruse, but they should be coming a long given the veracity of the Battlefield 4 fanbase. To check out the new images, you can head to the Battlefield 4 Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr pages.

These new images aren’t the only Battlefield 4 news on the horizon. Today, a new rumor suggested that DICE is readying a multiplayer reveal of Battlefield 4, prior to E3 2013. BF4 Central says that an anonymous tipster has told them that a multiplayer reveal would be arriving shortly. Bf4 Central has been hit and miss with their rumors in recent weeks. The site also published a leaked piece of marketing material that was refuted by EA and EB Games, which had purportedly outed new features for the game.

The pictures though. Those are real.

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