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Battlefield Hardline Update Patch 2.0 Coming This Week

by Damian Seeto


EA and DICE have now announced that update patch 2.0 for Battlefield Hardline will be available this week.

The new update patch will be available for owners on the game from July 28th. There will be some maintenance that will be done for the game when the update is deployed.

The new Battlefield Hardline update patch will be released at the following times:

PC: Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting 08.00 UTC / 1.00 AM PDT
PS4: Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting 09.00 UTC / 2.00 AM PDT
Xbox One: Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting 10.00 UTC / 3.00 AM PDT

If you are looking for the patch notes, they won’t be available to read until the new update goes live. Be sure to visit back to see what kind of things were fixed in the game.

More DLC for the game will be revealed in full at Gamescom 2015. This is called the “Robbery Expansion”. If you still own the game, there is some new content for you to look forward to.

Battlefield Hardline was released earlier this year by Visceral Games. It deviates from the normal setting as players now assume the role of cops and robbers.

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