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Bayonetta 2 likely the next title from Platinum Games

by William Schwartz


Most recently Platinum Games has been generally loved by the gaming community for creating great new gaming experiences.  Mad World, Bayonetta, Vanquish, they have all been pretty well received.

Irrespective of if they made a penny, they a have been considered a success by gamers for the innovation and imagination behind the titles.  Eventhough the contractual obligations are coming to a close for Sega,  they see a future with the developer.

Alan Pritchard, executive VP of sales and marketing for Sega, spoke with GameInformer and announced that there is indeed another title on the way.  ” We have a further title to announce from Platinum Games as well”  said the executive.

It’s no secret that Mad World was not a commercial success.  And the sales of Vanquish haven’t been horrible, but they don’t rival the commercial and critical success that Bayonetta achieved.  So, we’re gonna go ahead and try and read the tea leaves here and say that Bayonetta 2 is the next game that Platinum Games will be making for Sega.

Hideki Kamiya has already hinted multiple times at the title via Twitter, and I do believe that the jig is up.

Update:  Bayonetta 2 WAS eventually made.  Though only by the good graces of Nintendo taking it upon themselves to scoop up the title for an exclusive on the Wii U.  If not for them, Bayonetta would have been a one-hit wonder.

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