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Best Buy Holds Buy One Get One 40% Off Pre-Owned Sale This Week

by Dean James


Best Buy definitely has a lot of individual games on sale this week for a number of different platforms, but they also have one large ongoing sale involving pre-owned games. With their growing trade-in program, Best Buy has increased its pre-owned collection, including with the new console launches last November. As a result, they are holding a buy one get one 40% sale this week on all pre-owned PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games, both in-store and online.

This sale literally includes all PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games that Best Buy has in stock right now, so there is quite a collection to choose from right now. On the website specifically, there are 64 games to pick from as part of the sale. As with most every buy one get one type sale, you will save 40% on the cheaper of the two games.

A good majority of the games are regular priced at $49.99, or $10 off the new version price, so you could basically get two of those games for around $80. This is not bad at all, considering it would normally cost $120 to get two brand new games.

There are also plenty of fantastic deals in the mix, such as inFAMOUS: Second Son pre-owned being on sale for $27.99 even before the sale. If you are interested in this sale, it will be running through this coming Saturday at Best Buy, July 20, so don’t miss out!

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