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Bethesda Has An Unannounced Fallout Live Stream Happening Right Now

Something Fallout related this way comes.

by C.J. Keller


Bethesda is teasing something Fallout related today.  What started earlier with a simple tease that showcased a gif of the famous “Please Stand By” screen from the game on Twitter has turned into a livestream from the publisher on Twitch.

Update:  The Live Stream ended on 5/30 with a tease for a new Fallout game.  Bethesda teased a new game called Fallout 76 with a short trailer.

Over on the streaming service over one hundred thousand users are watching a stream of a Vault Boy Bobble Head sitting in front of the Please Stand By screen and nobody knows exactly what Bethesda may be teasing at this point other than its something Fallout related.

There has been some speculation that there was an Anniversary Edition of Fallout 3 arriving later this year.  Though at this point it could be just about anything.  It’s unclear when Bethesda is going to make any announcements as there haven’t been any hints given other than the obvious.

It’s probably a little too early for Bethesda to release an entirely new Fallout game at this point, but that’s not stopping some people from hoping that Fallout 5 will be announced soon.  Given the publisher’s treatment of Skyrim in recent years it wouldn’t be a surprise if they started porting Fallout 4 to every imaginable console.

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