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Bethesda is Hiring More Staff for ‘New Projects’

by Kyle Hanson


We all know that Bethesda is cooking something up behind the closed doors of their Montreal and Washington DC offices, along with their other studios as well. The developer has remained largely tight lipped about the games though, with fans speculating about everything from something totally new, to The Elder Scrolls 6, to even Fallout 5. Today we got a very small peek behind those doors, with the company announcing that they are hiring on new staff to help with all of the “new projects on the horizon”.

All told, four positions are open. Two are located in the Montreal studio, and two others in the Washington DC location. The jobs are for two graphics programmers, a game programmer, and an engine programmer. Not too much more information can be gathered from within the position listings themselves, however there is some interesting tidbits of info.

For one, Bethesda is looking for a programmer with experience working on RPGs for PC and console. Pretty standard stuff for Bethesda, but it is a bit odd that they want someone with experience on PS3 and Xbox 360. This is likely just a holdover from when those consoles still saw major releases, and they want someone with a lot of experience overall, but it’s still intriguing.

Not much else pops up as being particularly important, though is it good to see Bethesda grabbing up another engine programmer. While they make amazing games, the underlying engine has been a source of endless headaches, as glitches and bugs run rampant. Perhaps they are making something newer, but more likely they’re reworking what they have to make it more stable.

What these new employees will be working on is anyone’s guess. Bethesda is definitely working on Fallout 4 DLC, but that is likely tasked to a smaller team at the moment. These new hires point to something bigger, and even Bethesda brought up that they have “new projects on the horizon.” We should find out exactly what those are at E3 2016.

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