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Big Disney Infinity 3.0 Announcement Is Being Teased For March 1

by Dean James


Disney Infinity 3.0 released last August for pretty much every modern platform, this time focusing on the expansive Star Wars universe. Since that time, we’ve gotten a few different playsets and have another coming soon, but Disney is already teasing some sort of announcement in a couple weeks.

Disney Interactive Studios started sending out emails yesterday that revealed an upcoming stream called Disney Infinity Next that was going to be telling us about the future of Disney Infinity 3.0. Specifically, they say they are going to reveal “what’s coming next” for Disney Infinity 3.0.

This special stream on the official Disney Infinity YouTube page will be hosted by John Vignocchi, VP of Production for Disney Infinity, and John Blackburn, GM & SVP for Disney Infinity, so they are definitely bringing out some big guys involved with the series for this.

We do have the Marvel Battlegrounds pack coming out on March 15, but they have already shown us a good bit of that, including new upcoming figures for it. It would make a lot more sense to show off something new with them holding a special stream.

Perhaps we are getting another playset based on Captain America: Civil War or something else Star Wars related. There’s plenty that they could do here, though the big guns will obviously be saved for Disney Infinity 4.0 later this year.

What would you like to see be announced? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.

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