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Bioware Viral Marketing On Mysterious New Game Begins With An Email

by Dean James


For anyone that has signed up for any Bioware related game emails in the past, you may have received something very intriguing in your inbox. Known most for games like Knight of the Old Republic, Mass Effect and Dragon Age, Bioware is one of the premier developers in the industry. With Dragon Age: Inquisition coming out this fall and the next Mass Effect in the works, one would have thought they might have their plate full, but that doesn’t appear to be the case according to a mysterious email they have sent out.

With a subject line of “You’ve Been Chosen,” the email reads as follows:

“The time is near… they are watching
Your power is rising
You’ve been chosen.

The time is near.
They are watching.
Your power is rising.
Cologne, Germany.
You’ve Been Chosen.”

The email also provides a link to a viral video that definitely doesn’t look like anything Mass Effect or even Dragon Age related, so it has to be something new from Bioware. Based on the video, it almost looks like something horror related, but it is nothing more than speculation at this point on what it could be. You can check out the teaser for yourself and hopefully we’ll learn more about it soon.

You’ve Been Chosen: Nightmare Teaser


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