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BioWare’s Jade Empire Finally Arrives On iOS

by Mike Guarino


While BioWare is most known now for their Mass Effect And Dragon Age games, one of their earlier classics has made its way to a new platform. Jade Empire originally launched in 2005, but over 10 years later it is now available to play on iOS.

For those who have never played it, the game is an ARPG set in Imperial China. The protagonist begins in martial arts school learning under Master Li, but after a major event the protagonist must set out on an adventure to save the Master. Other characters will join the journey along the way, with moral choices and character relationships being present like in many games from the developer.

The good news about the version of the game that is now available on iOS is that it’s the special edition, which includes more weapons, fighting styles and even a new difficulty. The game costs $9.99 through the App Store.

Next up for BioWare is the highly-anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda, which will be the fourth entry in the long-running series. That game is set to launch next year, with a big reveal for the game expected to be happening early next month.

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