Black Desert Online Update Feb. 22, 2023 Patch Notes

Check out all changes coming with the latest Black Desert Online update.

by bhernardo
Image: Pearl Abyss

Black Desert Online players have just received a major game update today, February 22, featuring full reworks and important adjustments to contribution points in specific production nodes. Those tired of setting sail many times to make their profits due to Barter limitations have received some love in the latest patch, with Barter exchange limits slightly increased.

The biggest addition is a full change of Wizard’s game model. Pearl Abyss wrote in Black Desert’s patch notes that Wizard’s “body shape has changed, but the feel of playing Wizard should stay the same as much as possible.” A full video showing changes in detail is also linked in the patch notes.

Here are the full patch notes of the latest Black Desert Online update.

Improvement on Wizard’s Posture

“Today’s patch includes a change to the Wizard’s model.
We’ve been preparing this change since September of 2021 and we’re pleased to finally deliver it today.
This was possible thanks to your widespread support of us and the Wizard class.
Thank you again for your patience and support.

As we have completely changed Wizard’s body shape, what we thought most important was, “The body shape has changed, but the feel of playing Wizard should stay the same as much as possible.” This is because we didn’t want you to experience any change from the gameplay that you are already familiar with. Therefore, we worked on all the animations for a long time while simultaneously testing the way he feels to play, but please understand that some animations may feel slightly different from the previous ones.

In the case of clothing, all of them were reworked to fit the new model. You can see that the overall silhouette of the Wizard has become more striking, as now he has strong and stiff shoulders.

Lastly, with the model change, the previously saved customizations are no longer available. The previous customizations of Wizard that you loved will be preserved via the “Wizard Archive,” so please be understanding even if it’s unfortunate.

We hope your adventurers with the reworked Wizard will be that much more enjoyable.
Thank you.

* Although it was not fixed today, we are diligently looking into the bug where the Forward Guard effect of the “Chilling Wave” is occasionally not applied. We’re working on it so that it can be fixed in due time.”

  • Improved the Wizard’s model.
    • As a result, some of the animations of the Wizard have been changed to match his new model.
  • The customization information of the Wizard has been reset. All previous customizations of the Wizard uploaded in the Beauty Album now can only be viewed from the Wizard Archive category of the Beauty Album on the website.


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Class Changes

Wizard, Witch

Main Weapon, Succession

  • Changed the camera effect for the following main weapons:
    • Fireball, Fireball Explosion, Earthquake, Multiple Magic Arrows, Residual Lightning, Lightning Storm
  • Fixed the issue where the cooldown for I to Absolute would be reset during the cooldown if it was used again.
  • Fixed the following upon using the below skills while mounted:
    • Fixed the issue where Prime: Freeze skill effects wree applied to Monsters.
    • Fixed the issue where the Stiffness effect of Prime: Lightning Storm: High Voltage skill was applied in PvP 
    • Fixed the issue where Prime: Flame Explosion: Spread and Prime: Lightning Storm: Strike skill effect would not be displayed.
    • Fixed the issue where Prime: Meteor Shower: Focus skill’s attack range was applied abnormally.
    • Fixed the issue where Prime: Earth Arrow II would be activated abnormally.
    • Fixed the issue skill descriptions for using the skill while mounted was missing for Prime: Blizzard: Domain.
    • Fixed the issue of extra attacks descriptions being written incorrectly for the Prime: Freeze skill.
    • Fixed the issue where the cooldown for Prime: Lightning would be reset during the cooldown if it was used again,.
    • Fixed the issue where the skill animation and number of hits would be displayed abnormally for Prime: Residual Lightning: Combo.
    • Fixed the issue where Mana Absorption skill animation and effect would be displayed abnormally.


Main Weapon, Succession


  • Fixed so the motion connects more naturally upon using Lightning skills while mounted.


Main Weapon, Succession

Butterfly Step

  • Improved so that Butterfly Step can be added to a Quick Slot.
  • Improved so that you can stop the movement at any time by pressing the backward key (S).
  • Reduced the distance of lateral movement while using the skill.

Thunderstroke, Prime: Thunderstroke

  • Fixed the issue where the skills would activate right in front of the character in certain areas.


  • Fixed the issue where combo into Cloudcarve from Chain: Fan Kick was applied differently if comboed into Cloudcarve after Fan Kick 2 hits.



Prime: Foxspirit: Deceiver

  • Fixed the issue where, from a certain distance, the name of Maegu’s illusory double would not be displayed for other characters while the skill was active.


The number of Contribution Points required for certain Production Nodes and the connecting of certain nodes has been reduced. Contribution Points were originally set when these nodes were released as new territories, but as time has passed and with new territories are on the way, we decided that the original requirement is too high. If you’d previously invested in any of the Nodes listen below, Contribution Points will be returned according to the new requirements after today’s maintenance.

Reduction of Contribution Points for Certain Nodes and Production Nodes

  • The amount of Contribution Points required for connecting the following nodes and Production Nodes has been reduced.

* For those who have invested in nodes listed below, Contribution Points will be returned according to the updated requirements. (Up to 113 Contribution Points)

NodeContribution Points BeforeContribution Points After
Omar Lava Cave – Mining32
Iron Mine – Mining31
Elric Shrine – Gathering31
Ancient Fissure – Mining32
Ancient Fissure – Gathering31
Basilisk Den42
Derko Island52
Bashim Base – Mining31
Capotia – Gathering31
Pilgrim’s Haven – Mining31
Bambu Valley – Gathering31
Iris – Gathering31
Kmach Canyon – Gathering31
Aakman – Gathering31
Crescent Shrine – Gathering31
Crescent Mountains – Mining31
Crescent Mountains – Mining31
Titium Valley – Gathering31
Titium Valley – Gathering31
Bazaar Farmland – Nutmeg31
Bazaar Farmland – Teff31
Shakatu Farmland – Fig31
Shakatu Farmland – Fig31
Shakatu Farmland – Star Anise31
Altas Farmland – Teff31
Altas Farmland – Teff31
Erdal Farm – Pistachio31
Erdal Farm – Date Palm31
Valencia Plantation – Pistachio31
Valencia Plantation – Date Palm31
Valencia Plantation – Freekeh31
Fohalam Farm – Teff31
Fohalam Farm – Teff31
Erdal Farm – Silk Culture, Silk Thread31
Roud Sulfur Works – Excavation52
Duvencrune Farmland – Farming31
Duvencrune Farmland – Farming31
Marak Farm – Farming31
Marak Farm – Farming31
Akum Rocky Mountain – Mining53
Akum Rocky Mountain – Mining53
Khalk Canyon – Mining53
Khalk Canyon – Mining53
Dormann Lumber Camp – Lumbering53
Dormann Lumber Camp – Lumbering53
Khimut Lumber Camp – Lumbering53
Khimut Lumber Camp – Lumbering53
Sherekhan Necropolis – Excavation32
Fountain of Origin – Excavation32
Crypt of Resting Thoughts – Excavation53
Olun’s Valley – Mining53
Olun’s Valley – Mining52
Mountain of Division – Excavation32
Mountain of Eternal Winter – Mining52
Jade Starlight Forest – Mining52

We have also begun improvements to the management of workers. For starters, we have reduced the worker promotion test duration and reduced the required EXP for changing worker skills. The upcoming patches will also see several more improvements such as new worker skills and the ability to  change the portrait of workers to an image of your choice (just as with the Character Selection window).

Improvements on Worker Promotion

  • Reduced the worker promotion test duration to the following:
    • Worker promotion test duration : 24 hours → 8 hours

* For workers undergoing the promotion test, 16 hours will be deducted from the remaining time during the February 22, (Wed) maintenance.

  • With the adjustments made to the worker promotion test duration, the number of Pearls required for the Worker Instant Promotion has been adjusted according to the remaining time.
  • Adjusted the worker’s promotion success rate per level to the following:
    • From Lv. 10 Workers, the success rate will increase by 2% per level, and pass the promotion test to the below rate.
PromotionWorker Lv. 10Worker Lv. 20Worker Lv. 30
Normal → Skilled35% → 50%55% → 70%80% → 90%
Skilled → Professional25% → 30%35% → 50%45% → 70%
Professional → Artisan10% (same)20% → 30%30% → 50%

Reduced the required EXP for Change Worker Skill

  • Reduced the required EXP for one skill change has been reduced to the following:
    • Amount of EXP required to change skill: 50% → 20%

Increased the appearance probability of Professional/Skilled workers.

  • The probability of workers appearing in each city and village upon hiring a worker via [Work Supervisor] NPC has been adjusted for each level.
    • Increased the probability of professional level workers appearing by approximately 2 times.
    • Increased the probability of skilled level workers appearing by appoximately 1.4 times.
    • With the increased probability of professional and skilled workers appearing, the probability of normal level workers appearing has been reduced.
    • Unified the appearing probability of same level workers (Giant, Human, Goblin, etc.) to be equal.
  • However, the appearing probability of workers hired via [Work Supervisor] NPC of Old Wisdom per level remain the same.
  • Fixed so related descriptions match the changes made above.

Increased Exchange Limit of Trade Items for Barter

With this update, we’ve increased the exchange limit per island for Barter to reduce the fatigue on our Adventurers by shortening the travel route each time you set sail. You can now spend less time to make greater profit, especially for level 5, with the increase in the exchange limit. 
As much as Special Barter is enjoyable content available for Sailing, we’ve removed certain items and replaced them with items that are likely to be more appealing.
We will continue to find ways to not only increase your profit but also allow you to more conveniently enjoy Bartering.

  •  Changed the number of times trade items can be exchanged on an island for each level as follows:  
Barter LevelTrade ItemExchange Limit
Barter Lv. 1Land Materials → Lv. 110 (Before: 6)
Barter Lv. 2Lv. 1 → Lv. 210 (Before: 2)
Barter Lv. 3Lv. 2 → Lv. 310 (Before: 4)
Barter Lv. 4Lv. 3 → Lv. 410 (Before: 6)
Barter Lv. 5 (Inshore)Lv. 4 → Lv. 56 (Before: 4)
Barter Lv. 5 (The Great Ocean)Lv. 4 → Lv. 54 (Before: 3)

Changed Barter Land Material Items

  • Barterers signed a contract to exchange new land materials for trade items and have announced they will no longer exchange certain trade items.
    • Changed the items available for Lv. 1 Barter as follows:
      • Added the following seven new items available for Barter: 
        • Fire Horn
        • Dragon Scale Fossil
        • Thick Fur
        • Fancy Reptile Skin
        • Aloe
        • Iron Ingot
        • Sheep Hide
    • Decreased the quantity of each of the following items required for Barter: 
      • Legendary Beast’s Blood
      • Tyrant’s Blood
      • Tin Ingot
      • Silk
      • Silk Thread
      • White Cedar Plank
      • Tough Hide
      • Silkworm Cocoon
    • Removed the following items to no longer be available for Barter:
      • Big Sky Mushroom
      • Big Cloud Mushroom
      • Big Emperor Mushroom
      • Big Fortune Teller Mushroom
      • Big Tiger Mushroom
      • Bear Hide
      • Trace of Forest
  • Changed the Riddle-Me Barter Support Box obtainable from the “Explore” option of the Anchor menu due to the changed list of land material items for Barter.
    • However, the contents of the Riddle-Me Barter Support Box you’ve already obtained will remain the same.

Improved Special Barter

  •  Added the following items to the list of items obtainable from Special Barter: 
Lightstone of Fire: Strike
Epheria’s Star

4 types of DUO (II) Manos Accessory
4 types PRI (I) Manos Accessory
Crow Coin x1800-2000
Crow Coin x1300-1700
Golden Turtle Shell
Obsidian Crystal Bracelet
  • Removed the following items from the list of items obtainable from Special Barter: 
Ship upgrade materials
4 types of PRI (I) Geranoa Accessory
  • Changed the required enhancement level of the following blue-grade accessories for Special Barter: 
Obtainable ItemBeforeAfter
Manos Sailor’s Clothes TRI (III) Kagtum Submission Ring DUO (II)Kagtum Submission Ring
4 types of Manos Accessory DUO (II)Kagtum Submission Ring PRI (I) Kagtum Submission Ring
DUO (II) Geranoa Belt DUO (II) Shrine Guardian Token PRI (I) Shrine Guardian Token
DUO (II) Geranoa Belt PRI (I) Tree Spirit Belt Tree Spirit Belt
DUO (II) Geranoa Necklace DUO (II)Blue Coral Ring PRI (I) Blue Coral Ring
Crow Coin x600-800  DUO (II) Kagtum Submission Ring PRI (I) Kagtum Submission Ring
Crow Coin x600-800  DUO (II)Shrine Guardian Token PRI (I) Shrine Guardian Token
Crow Coin x600-800  PRI (I) Tree Spirit Belt Tree Spirit Belt
Crow Coin x600-800  PRI (I) Rainbow Coral Ring Rainbow Coral Ring
Crow Coin x600-800  PRI (I) Red Coral Earring Red Coral Earring
Crow Coin x400-500  PRI (I) Ancient Weapon Core Ancient Weapon Core

Changed the probability of obtaining the following items from Special Barter:

ItemChanged Probability
Bave Ricksa’s Quest VoucherIncreased by 100% 
Crow Coin x900-1000Increased by 19% 
Crow Coin x800-900Increased by 40% 
Crow Coin x700-800Increased by 61% 
Crow Coin x600-800Decreased by 10% 
Crow Coin x400-500Increased by 13% 
Crow Coin x200-300Increased by 37% 
  • Removed the following items from the list of required items for Special Barter: 
Fine Lightweight Plume
Fine Tough Hide
Fine Thick Fur
Cotton Fabric
Flax Fabric
  • Added Lv. 3 trade items to the list of items required for Special Barter. 
  • With the removal of ship upgrade materials from Special Barter, the same Special Barter will now appear regardless of the number of Barters. 

Improved Hunting Matchlock and Sniper Rifle Controls

  • Improved the following controls with your Matchlock equipped:
    • Improved to stand up and run instead of roll when pressing SHIFT + ↑while crouching. 
    • Fixed the issue where holding Q while crouched would make your character rapidly and continuously stand up and crouch.
  • Fixed the issue where reloading your Matchlock while mounted after consuming Hunter’s Salad or Khalk’s Fermented Wine would decrease the number of loads to 3 for characters of at least Hunting Guru 1.
  • Improved the following controls with your Sniper Rifle equipped:
    • Improved to stand up and run instead of rolling when pressing SHIFT + ↑while crouching. 
    • Fixed the issue where holding RMB while crouched would make your character go back and forth between closing-in on the target and standing idle.
    • Changed to go back to standing idle by releasing, then pressing RMB again while closing-in on a target. 
    • Fixed the issue where your character wouldn’t move immediately when releasing, then pressing a directional key again while crouched. 
    • Fixed the issue where pressing SPACE while crouched would make your character repeatedly stand up and crouch.

We’ve brought great news for Adventurers who enjoy Housing content in Black Desert. You can now craft the items below, which you could previously only obtain in a few ways, including the Pearl Shop, from a Furniture Workshop. First, you can craft furniture special to each region from the Old Moon Furniture Workshops starting from Kamasylvia and Eilton. We are planning to continue adding more such crafting content, so we hope this update provides new opportunities for Adventurers who enjoy Housing content and for those who have been wanting to spruce up their unique homes. 

Old Moon Furniture Workshop

  • Added “Old Moon Furniture Workshop” to Grána, the capital city of Kamasylvia, and Eilton of the Mountain of Eternal Winter.
    • You can craft the following items from each Old Moon Furniture Workshop.
      • You can get the same effects from placing furniture crafted via the Old Moon Furniture Workshop, but the Interior Points set-effect will not be applied. 

[Kamasylvia] Grána Old Moon Furniture Workshop 

Lv. 1
Kamasylvia Flower Pot B
Kamasylvia Flower Pot A
Kamasylvia Flower Pot Rack
Kamasylvia Flower Pot E
Kamasylvia Clothes Hanger
Kamasylvia Mirror A
Kamasylvia Partition B
Kamasylvia Wall Flower Pot
Kamasylvia Plate
Kamasylvia Flower Pot C
Kamasylvia Wall Lamp
Kamasylvia Partition A
Kamasylvia Lamp A
Kamasylvia Mirror B
Kamasylvia Kettle Table
Kamasylvia Flower Pot D
Kamasylvia Carpet A
Kamasylvia Carpet B
Kamasylvia Lamp B
Kamasylvia Lamp C
Kamasylvia Flower Pot F
Lv. 2
Kamasylvia Drawers
Kamasylvia Dining Table
Kamasylvia Chair
Kamasylvia Floor A
Kamasylvia Floor B
Kamasylvia Floor C
Kamasylvia Floor D
Kamasylvia Floor E
Kamasylvia Floor F
Kamasylvia Wall A
Kamasylvia Wall B
Kamasylvia Wall C
Kamasylvia Wall D
Kamasylvia Wall E
Kamasylvia Wall F
Kamasylvia Table
Lv. 3
Kamasylvia Dressing Table
Kamasylvia Cabinet
Kamasylvia Rocking Chair
Kamasylvia Bookshelf
Kamasylvia Bed

Details on Craftable Items via the Old Moon Furniture Workshop in Grána 

[Mountain of Eternal Winter] Eilton Old Moon Furniture Workshop

Lv. 1
Flower Pot and Tableware
Wooden Book Decoration A
Wooden Book Decoration B
Wooden Book Decoration C
Candle, Bowl and Chopping Board
Delicious Snack
Hot Tea
Winter Scented Candle
Winter Wood Engraving A
Winter Wood Engraving B
Winter Wood Engraving C
Winter Wood Shelf
Winter Wood Stand
Winter Wood Bookcase
Winter Wood Wall Lamp
Dice Fireplace
Winter Candle Stand
Winter Wood Furnace
Winter Wood Bedside Table
Lv. 2
Winter Wood Dining Table
Winter Wood Rocking Chair
Winter Wood Chair
Winter Wood Table
Lv. 3
Winter Wood Wardrobe
Winter Wood Sofa
Winter Wood Bookshelf
Winter Wood Bed
  • Added Furniture Crafting Permit which is an item required to craft the furniture listed in the chart above.
    • You can purchase Furniture Crafting Permit with 10 million Silver from the following NPCs in the following locations: 
Town & NPC
[Velia] Sealus
[Heidel] Lebyos
[Calpheon] Lylina
[Altinova] Verosi
[Valencia City] Vatputa
[Grána] Talishia
[Duvencrune] Siemo
[O’draxxia] Kesharu
[Eilton] Vatu


  • Improved the descriptions of Noel, Jolly Winter Dream, and Crayodel Soldier outfit boxes.

Cloud Accessory and Dreamy Cloud Stone Exchange

  • Cloud accessories have been changed to Capotia accessories of the same enhancement level.
    • The selectable reward for “Special Accessory for Growth Support!” from Challenges (Y) has been changed from a TRI (III) Cloud accessory → TRI (III) Capotia accessory.
  • Dreamy Cloud Stones, which were used to enhance Cloud accessories, have been changed to Dream Crystals of Balance.
    • The quest “Dreamy Cloud Stones!” has been changed to “Dreamy Crystal of Balance!”
  • The quest reward of “[EXC] A New Choice: PEN (V) Capotia Accessory,” where you can exchange PEN (V) Capotia accessory to another Capotia accessory, has been changed from Drained Crystal of Balance to Dreamy Crystal of Balance.

With this update, we’ve added an additional daily choice in an item that can grant you a Life EXP buff. Now adventurers who enjoy Life-Skilling content can opt for the Mercenary’s Life item for a boost to Life EXP gains every day. Just like Mercenary’s Experience, Mercenary’s Life can be claimed from Challenges and stored away so you can use them whenever you please.

  • Added Mercenary’s Life (60 min).
    • Effects: Life EXP +50% for 60 min
      • You can craft Mercenary’s Life (Life EXP +150%) via Simple Alchemy (L) with three Mercenary’s Life (Life EXP +50%).
  • Changed the daily rewards from the “Daily Blood Frenzy!” Challenge (Y) to Mercenary’s Experience and Mercenary’s Life.
  • Added 50 Contribution EXP to the base reward for “Daily Blood Frenzy!”
    • The name of said Challenge has been changed to reflect the update.


Protty Cave and Sycraia Underwater Ruins are not easily accessible when compared to other zones, but they provide a unique underwater atmosphere. To reinforce this underwater theme, we’ve added the “Protty’s Song” buff which will act as a unique mechanic of these underwater zones. There are two different types of Protty’s Songs, and the buff will steadily increase in power as you spend more time in a zone. Also, we’ve increased the prices of junk items dropped from monsters in Protty Cave and Sycraia Underwater Ruins Upper Zone. With these changes, defeating monsters in these zones for a longer period of time will be a more enjoyable experience than before.

Improvements to Loot from Protty Cave and Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper Zone)

  • Changed the price of an item that drops from enemies in Protty Cave. (The price of items obtained prior to this change will remain unchanged)
    • Protty Fin 2,100 Silver → 10,500 Silver
  • Increased the drop rate of Ancient Seal – Red Shard from enemies in Protty Cave by 20%.
  • Changed the price of items that drop from defeated enemies in Sycraia Underwater Ruins. (The price of items obtained prior to this change will remain unchanged)
    • Destroyed Ancient Weapon Power Stone 2,350 Silver → 6,110 Silver

Protty’s Song Buffs (Additional Effects Over Time)

  •  Added the Protty’s Song buff that can stack up to Level 5 in Protty Cave and Padix Island.
  • Added the Protty’s Song buff that can stack up to Level 5 in Sycraia Underwater Ruins Upper Zone and Abyssal Zone.
Protty Cave, Padix IslandSycraia Underwater Ruins (Upper Zone, Abyssal Zone)
Level 1: Item Drop Rate +2%Level 1: Monster Damage Reduction +2
Level 2: Item Drop Rate +4%Level 2: Extra AP Against Monsters +2, Monster Damage Reduction +2
Level 3: Item Drop Rate +6%Level 3: Extra AP Against Monsters +4, Monster Damage Reduction +4
Level 4: Item Drop Rate +8%Level 4: Extra AP Against Monsters +7, Monster Damage Reduction +7
Level 5: Item Drop Rate +10%Level 5: Extra AP Against Monsters +10, Monster Damage Reduction +10

* Buffs will apply immediately upon picking up a Protty’s Song item.

* You must obtain a certain amount of Protty’s Song items to level up the buff.

* If you have not yet reached the required amount of Protty’s Song items to progress to the next level upon collecting one, the duration of your current buff will be refreshed instead.            
* The duration of the Protty’s Song buff will stop depleting when the characer is offline.            
* Your progress toward the next level of Protty’s Song will reset upon changing servers, moving to the character select screen, or leaving the zone.      

  • Sped up the respawn timer of “Ghost of Ash Forest,” which is a target monster for certain quests, by 10 times.     


Epheria Galleon

You can now seize the opportunity to helm the greatest ship the Black Desert world has ever seen – the “Epheria Galleon!” However, we felt its size and firepower too great to permanently be under the possession of any one person, so we’ve been working on a variety of means to obtain temporary ownership of this vessel. One of these means involves Special Barter. Another, which won’t be updated today due to the working out of certain kinks, involves Guild Masters of a Guild/Alliance who’ve become a Lord after a Conquest War being able to utilize the “Present” system to award certain Guild Members with the special opportunity to commandeer this grand vessel. This and other means we will continue to work on to be released in the near future.

Special Barter

  • When a Special Barter occurs during a Barter, there is a low chance for “Epheria’s Star” to appear.
    • With Epheria’s Star in your inventory, you accept a special quest from “Philaberto Falasi” in Port Epheria. Complete this quest to obtain “Ship License: Epheria Galleon” and the [Captain Epheria] title, which is a temporary title that lasts for 7 days.

* You can only ride and control an Epheria Galleon if you have the [Captain Epheria] title, and you can only access other features if you do not have the title or if it has expired.

Epheria Galleon Details

Ship Durability3,000,000
Weight Limit30,000 LT
Cannon4 on each side
Cannonball Capacity2,000
Cannon Fire Rate10 sec

* The fire rate and max range of Epheria Galleon’s cannons are identical to Epheria Carrack’s cannons.
* Epheria Galleons cannot equip ship equipment.
* The cost of repairs for an Epheria Galleon is 10 million Silver per 10% damage. (Damage increases upon remote collection or ship destruction)
* Like Epheria Carracks, Epheria Galleons need to be supplied upon initial registration.

Quest & Knowledge

Many Adventurers who wish to craft a carrack are doing daily sailing quests, and they have pointed out how prerequisite quests can cause inconveniences by extending sailing routes. To solve this problem, we removed the prerequisites for daily sailing quests so you can plan out efficient sailing routes that encompass all your quest objectives at once. Furthermore, you can now receive all rewards from completing these quests instead of selecting one reward.

Improvements to Oquilla’s Eye Daily Sailing Quests (Combat)

  • Changed the following quests so you can accept and progress them without completing prerequisite quests.
    • [Daily] Old Moon Guild’s Candidum Hunter
    • [Daily] Old Moon Guild’s Nineshark Hunter
    • [Daily] Old Moon Guild’s Black Rust Hunter
    • [Daily] Old Moon Guild’s Young Candidum Hunter
    • [Daily] Old Moon Guild’s Young Nineshark Hunter
    • [Daily] Old Moon Guild’s Young Black Rust Hunter

* However, you can still choose and progress only one regular sea monster quest or young sea monster quest a day.

  • The objectives of the following quests have been changed, and their rewards now match regular sea monster quests.
[Daily] Old Moon Guild’s Young Candidum HunterDefeat Young Candidum
x1 → x5
Contribution Point EXP
Sailing EXP
Moon Scale Plywood x5 → x10
[Daily] Old Moon Guild’s Young Nineshark HunterDefeat Young Nineshark
x1 → x5
Contribution Point EXP
Sailing EXP
Moon Vein Flax Fabric x1 → x3
[Daily] Old Moon Guild’s Young Black Rust HunterYoung Black Rust
x1 → x5
Contribution Point EXP
Sailing EXP
Abyssal Gem x1 → Tear of the Ocean x1

Improvements to Oquilla’s Eye Daily Sailing Quests (Barter)

  •  Changed the following quests so you receive all the rewards instead of choosing only one.
[Daily] Ravikel’s TestBarter 5 Times▼ Obtain All of the Following Rewards
Sailing Skill EXP
Oquilla Coin x1
Pure Pearl Crystal x2
Deep Sea Memory Filled Glue x8
Bright Reef Piece x8
[Daily] For the Serendian SoldiersBarter 10 Times▼ Obtain All of the Following Rewards
Sailing Skill EXP
Oquilla Coin x1
Enhanced Island Tree Coated Plywood x10
Cox Pirates’ Artifact (Parley Expert) x1

Node & Conquest War

Change in requirements for participation opportunities to be restored

  • The minimum requirements for participation opportunities to be restored for Node War have been changed as follows:
    • Before: total number of enemy forts destroyed or enemies defeated/killed is 20 or greater
    • After: total number of enemy forts destroyed or enemies defeated/killed is 50 or greater
  • On servers where a Node/Conquest War is in progress, the DP of all adventurers’ mounts not participating in the war will be set to 0.
  • Fixed the information in the tooltip regarding the return criteria for participation opportunities in occupied areas to match the changed criteria in Guild (G) – Guild Information.

NPC, Background, Sound

  • Spring has arrived in Black Desert.
    • Changed some backgrounds in Black Desert to reflect a spring theme.


  • Changed so now you can apply Hide mount’s gear option to each mount individually, not all mounts at once.
  • The saved information on See Other’s Campsite option has been reset.
  • Fixed the issue where mount gear is not hidden properly in certain situations after using some of the content, even though the Hide mount’s gear option is turned on.
  • Expanded the space of the Black Spirit’s adventure completion reward item.


Previously, it took an hour to use Character Transport between towns via the Character Selection window. With the addition of the Magnus, the difficulty of traveling between towns has been greatly reduced. As an one hour requirement for Character Transport is deemed to be a bit too long now, we have adjusted it to 20 minutes. We hope that this will make it easier for adventurers to relocate characters scattered across the BDO world or transport sub-characters somewhere else.

Adjustment to the time required in Character Transport system

  •  Changed the time required for Character Transport from the Character Selection window from an hour to 20 minutes.


  • Changed the Wizard’s appearances registered in the Beauty Album to a category called “Wizard Archive”.
  • Fixed the issue where the search result displayed text other than titles.
  • Improved the UI for search results.
  • Added a sort function for search results.
  • Improved the style of how the videos and messages are displayed on the Adventure’s Board (F1).
  • Fixed the issue where, when writing on the Class Discussion forum, tags that were not selected would be displayed.
  • Improved the text of the age guide on the Guardian Email Authentication page.
  • Changed the link for creating an account on the upper right of the homepage.
  • Fixed the issue where English would be displayed for the in-game coupon page with the es-ES language selected.

Modified or Changed

  • Fixed the issue where the non-combat stance appeared abnormally upon equipping the awakening weapon for [Woosa, Maegu] within the Dye (J) window of the Pearl Shop (F3).
  • Fixed the issue where the [Ninja] Shuriken Throw skill would not activate while jumping in air. 
  • Fixed the issue where a grayed out Quest Widget would be displayed after a Node War was concluded.            
  • Fixed the issue where upon hovering over My Information (P) – Battle Stats, text for Maegu would not be displayed.
  • Fixed the issue where classes would ocassionally be applied damage upon entering into the Magnus through the Bartali Farm.
  • Fixed the issue where the quest related item description was different within the [Alchemy] The Final Test quest description.
  • Fixed the issue where the Control Menu would overlap with the House Usage list if it was longer than 7.
  • Fixed the issue where the text would bleed out of the My Stats window if the font size settings were set to big.
  • Fixed the issue where Saltwater Crocodiles would not respond to ship attacks made from a far distance.
  • Fixed the issue where the skill effect would remain after using the Emergency Escape skill while using a skill.
  • [Witch] Fixed the issue of not being able to dye parts 7, 8, and 9 of the Kibelius Robe and Kibelius Divinus Robe.
  • [Wizard] Fixed so the character’s gaze follows the camera when idle.
  • [Wizard] Fixed the issue of part of the outfit being abnormally displayed when equipping with the following outfit and gear:
    • Marnist Outfit
    • Derek’s Light Leather Shoes, Beia’s Black Magic Gloves
  • [Wizard] Fixed the issue of the part of the character’s leg displaying abnormally when equipping El Pento Clothes with the following underwear:
    • [Wizard] Robert Boxer Briefs, [Wizard] Martillo Swimsuit
  • [Sage] Fixed the issue of the outfit displaying abnormally when equipping with Winterland Soiree Armor and specific gloves.
  • [Maegu] Fixed the issue of part of the first dye in Moonlit Silver Armor displaying abnormally.
  • Added so a message displays when using some Pearl items.
  • Fixed the issue of the link in Announcements not working when changing the chat window setting when an announcement is up at the top of the chat.
  • Fixed the issue of the notification widget icon displaying again even after deactivating it.
  • Fixed the issue of number of crystals overlapping with the rank button when registering crystals up to maximum quantity to the Crystal Inventory.
  • Fixed the issue of a button related to obtainable item displaying in processing confirmation message for Gamepad UI mode.
  • Fixed the issue of the “Learn Max Level” function not working for Gamepad UI mode.
  • Fixed the issue of third preset alignment being abnormal when saving the skill preset.
  • Fixed the issue of an invalid message showing when pressing the Pearl Shop close button in certain situations.

Check here for the full Black Desert Online patch notes.

- This article was updated on February 22nd, 2023