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Black Ops Cold War Brings FOV Slider to Consoles

Treyarch does what Infinity Ward wouldn't

by Joshua Garibay


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is bringing a common PC feature to the console version of the game. In a surprise announcement on Twitter today, Treyarch revealed that consoles will have access to the field of view (FOV) slider.

PC gamers are familiar with the setting, as it is normally among one of the first changes made when playing any first-person game (at least, it is for me). An FOV in excess of 90 degrees is relatively standard on the PC platform, but consoles typically don’t see the option in their game menus.

In fact, an FOV slider was an extremely popular request for Modern Warfare. The feedback was so great that Infinity Ward had to come out and acknowledge the demand before stating “we won’t be having one this game.” Treyarch has taken a different approach.

As you can see in the tweet below, Black Ops Cold War is giving Call of Duty players exactly what they want on PlayStation and Xbox platforms. The slider caps out at 120.

The FOV slider will be present in the beta, which kicks off on PS4 first this weekend. For the full list of beta dates, check out the announcement here.

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