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Black Ops DLC “Biggest DLC Launch of All Time”

by William Schwartz


GameStop reported its quarterly earnings numbers yesterday, and in them, some insight on the success of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Map Pack.  The games retailer who has recently waded into the downloadable content market said that digital sales were up 53% year over year.  GameStop noted that its digital business is becoming just as important to the bottom line as its traditional boxed merchandise.

GameStop also noted in the conference call that they will continue to pursue opportunities in the digital space.  The company is launching an internal beta that will test a cloud based distribution services for its content.  A look back at the recent aquisition of Spawn Labs last July gave a strong indication that the company would eventually be heading down this path.

With network integrity being on the forefront of every gamers mind after the PSN problems and the potential privacy breach that resulted from the hacking of the network.  GameStop may continue to benefit from the sale of digital content as gamer confidence levels with making purchases on their online networks of choice may be at all time lows.

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