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Blasphemous is the Gory, Pixelated, 2D Dark Souls We’ve Been Waiting For

Death is almost a grantee.

by Alex Levine


If you’ve been waiting for a 2D style game with the difficulty of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, then your wish is about to be granted. Video game developer, The Game Kitchen, has officially revealed their brand new title, Blasphemousa specialized 2D platformer with the aforementioned aesthetics along with a Metroidvania mentality as you’ll be revisiting previous areas to unlock hidden secrets.

Along with the reveal came a gameplay trailer, which really shows off the gritty world filled with darkness and despair. Even the protagonist, if you can call them that, looks like they’re ready to murder without a moments hesitation. The boss fights, which are already epic for a 2D game, include a giant baby that is blind, a huge face with hands on fire, and three spectres that ride on an elevator with the level while you try to avoid hazards.

As if this wasn’t enough to hearken back to the Soulsborne games, the bosses also have long and arduous names to go along with their intense presence. We also have some cool character customization, also similar to the series that seems to have inspired a lot of it. This pertains to a list of skill trees that unlocks newer and stronger abilities, but how you unlock them is unknown at this time.

The Game Kitchen is well known for their previous game The Last Door, a game with sequences of a point-and-click adventure title. Blaphemous appears to have a lot of detail for a pixelated 2D title, as most of the executions you can activate are pretty vivid and can be viewed easily. No more information was given, but with E3 literally around the corner, we’re sure to have a release date sooner than later. Blasphemous will launch for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC through steam. The Game Kitchen will also host a livestream later today at 5:00 PM BST/9:00 am EST.

You can check out the reveal trailer here:

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