Blizzard has ‘Big Plans’ for the Future of Overwatch

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It might surprise some of you to hear that Overwatch, Blizzard’s newest creation, isn’t even out yet. The amount of excitement behind the game, with cross-overs into Heroes of the Storm, fans cosplaying as characters, and tons of fan art online, is usually reserved for a title that is sitting in players’ homes, ready to be played. But there’s just something about Overwatch, and its massive roster of interesting characters that seems to have grabbed the attention of gamers across the world. So, with that in mind, it’s not too surprising that Blizzard says they have “big plans” for the future of the game.

I recently sat down with Overwatch Assistant Game Director, Aaron Keller at PAX East 2016 where I asked him about possible DLC for the game, and what they planned for the future. “We have big plans!” Keller responded. “We definitely plan on expanding the hero roster. We plan on releasing new maps for the game. And we’ve talked about that we’d like all of those to be free when they’re released.

“When we release a hero, everybody in the game gets to play the hero. We think it’s so important for you to get to pick any hero you want, to either counter what the enemy team is doing, or just to fit with your personal play style. We want all of them to be available to all players.”

It’s a pretty bold move, considering how much the company could potentially make off of season passes or other paid DLC. This isn’t to say that everything released for the game will be free, almost certainly not, but the big stuff, the stuff that shifts the gameplay in some fashion, all of that will be free, and according to Keller there will be a lot of that.

But that’s not all that we talked about in our time with Overwatch at PAX East 2016. Stay tuned for our full interview which will cover what’s in the base game, how the characters stack up against each other, what other media we might see Overwatch bleed into, and more.

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