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Blizzard Issues Starcraft II: Legacy Of The Void Beta Patch

by William Schwartz


Starcraft fans will be download a patch for the Starcraft II: Legacy Of The Void beta if you managed to get into it earlier this year. The patch is set to address a few improvements and fixes to the beta.

Blizzard announced earlier today on their blog that Starcraft II: Legacy Of The Void beta will be receiving patch 2.5.3. The patch will improve the in-game chat function and ranked ladder system as well as addressing several bug fixes. Some fans have said that the beta is seemingly ‘broke’, but we know how passionate Blizzard fans can be. Hopefully the bug fixes in this patch will address the issues some fans have had.

Archon Mode
-You can now use the Alt plus control group number or Alt, Shift, and control group number to ‘steal’ units from your allies’ control.
-When the party leader joins the queue for Archon mode, all members of the party will be shown the selected race.

-Made several changes to improve the in-game chat system.
-Added a Chat Manager to help manage multiple channels.
-Added channel members list.
-You can now increase the chat window size.

-Ranked ladder play is now available.
-The following gameplay options are being removed from the menu and will permanently be active.

  • Display World Object Tooltips
  • Display Game Tooltips.
  • Display Hotkeys on Command Card.
  • Enable Starting Worker Rally.
  • Game Timer.

-New Tab: Observer and Replay Options.
-‘Show Build Grid’ is now on by default.
-‘Voice’ tab renamed to ‘Voice Chat.’

For a full list of changes check ou the official blog. No word on a release date yet for Starcraft II: Legacy Of The Void, but that should come as no surprise since fans don’t even have a release for the free three-mission prequel content dubbed, Whispers Of Oblivion which is set to bridge the story between Heart Of The Swarm and Legacy Of The Void.

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