Attack of the Fanboy

Blizzard outlines clan support for StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm

by William Schwartz


StarCraft II fans have known for some time that clan support would be coming to the real-time strategy game when Heart of the Swarm arrives. Currently in closed beta, Heart of the Swarm players are currently testing out these new functionalities, which Blizzard has outlined over on

Blizzard explains that anyone can create or join a clan, and doing so will grant you access to a new connectivity window that keeps track of your clan-mates. Clans will get a completely private chat channel, were text data can be relayed to members, news may be posted, and information about the clan and its members can be listed. Joining a clan will also pre-fix your Battle Net ID with the clan’s Tag, which can be between 2-4 characters long.

These new clan features are just the first step in what Blizzard describes as a “larger social system” that is being introduced with Heart of the Swarm, and will also be retrofitted to the existing Wings of Liberty online structure.

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