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Bloodhunt Announced for the PS5 Alongside PC Launch

Another Win For The PS5

by Aaron Nashar


Swedish game developer Sharkmob has just announced its plans to launch its debut title Bloodhunt on the PlayStation 5 alongside PC at launch, later this year.

The game has been available in Early Access only on PC since July 2, 2021. Until now the game was only intended for PC players, but now the studio has announced that it has been working with Sony to bring the title to PS5 players at launch.

PlayStation players can now officially add the game to their wishlist through its PS5 Store page, or sign up for PC early access on the game’s official website at

“We’re very proud to be announcing that our first game will be coming to PS5 this year! We’ve been developing the PS5 version alongside the PC version and it’s been great working with Sony on this,” said Fredrik Rundqvist, CEO of Sharkmob.

About Bloodhunt

Bloodhunt is a free-to-play game set in the Vampire: The Masquerade Universe. It is a stylish take on the Battle Royale genre and has been designed to empower players with the essence of the supernatural.

The game presents a unique vertical gameplay style with maps that are designed to take players to the back-alleys and the rooftops of Prague. Players who can successfully navigate the city and are able to feed enough to grow stronger will be able to dominate this game.

Bloodhunt’s battle royale mode can be played either solo or in groups of three players, the entire mode allows up to 45 players. The game also promises no pay-to-win mechanics and an overall player-focused mentality with support for 12 languages.

Bloodhunt is now available in Early Access on PC, and will be officially launching later this year on both PC and the PS5.


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