Blue Reflection Is the Perfect Sailor Moon RPG We Never Got

by Jose Belmonte
Blue Reflection

Koei Tecmo has started to promote its new RPG Blue Reflection for the West, releasing a new teaser trailer, screenshots, and an official description of the game. Starting a new year of High School without any familiar faces around, Hinako Shirai discovers an alternate dimension called The Common, where the daily troubles of her classmates have taken the form of monsters. Hinako and her new group of friends will have to turn into their Reflector forms in order to defeat the creatures and save the world from the menace of the evil Sephira.

This premise will sound pretty familiar if you are a fan of classic magical girl-style anime like Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura. Blue Reflection takes the same basic concept and creates a visually stunning RPG full of the same magic, gorgeous designs and carefree teenage feel of our favourite Japanese shows.

The trailer even showcases other main characters who are also Hinako’s classmates in Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School, each of them having their own unique transformation sequence and outfit design, in the best Sailor Moon tradition. The game is developed by Gust, which has a vast experience in this kind of anime-influenced RPG with the Atelier series. An upcoming free DLC adds a set of costumes inspired on Final Fantasy XV.

Blue Reflection will be out for PS4 and PC on September 26th in the US and September 29th in Europe. Watch the trailer below.

Blue Reflection Teaser Trailer


- This article was updated on March 8th, 2018