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Brand New Dragon Ball Z Movie Announced, Will There Be A Tie-In Game?

by Dean James


The Dragon Ball franchise is one of the most popular and prevalent animes ever to exist, especially the Dragon Ball Z portion of the series. As a result, we’ve seen video game after video game over the years, with some being much better than others. The series especially saw a revival in popularity with the brand new film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, which was partially utilized in the pretty disappointing Dragon Ball: Battle of Z that released earlier this year.

Now, it has been revealed by the upcoming September issue of V Jump magazine that a brand new movie is in the works as well from creator Akira Toriyama that is set to release in Japan next spring. The currently untitled movie will see Toriyama return to help pen the script as well as work on the character designs. Just like Battle of the Gods, this movie will have a brand new storyline never before seen in the series. As a result, one has to wonder how quickly the gaming series will find a way to tie-in to the movie.


If Dragon Ball Xenoverse ends up not coming out until next spring or something, could we see the first game appearance of the new characters from the movie? Could perhaps the mystery fighter from the game even tie into the movie in some way? This is extremely doubtful as the game is likely pretty far along already, with a release most likely early in 2015.

However, this now brings up the discussion of the potential next game. Will we see a terrible rushed job like we got with Battle of Z to try and get somewhat of a tie-in, or would we not get much until the following game? I think it would at least be pretty cool to get a DLC add-on to Xenoverse that involves at least a character or two from the movie to give us a little tease, especially in Japan. At this point of the process, we will just have to wait and see what happens, especially without knowledge of a release window for Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

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