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Bungie Day Celebrates Destiny’s First Year with Epic Video, Extra Bonuses Coming

by Kyle Hanson


It’s July 7th, which means it’s time for yet another Bungie Day celebration. Usually this would have meant lots of Halo news, but the company has moved on from that franchise and has something new to celebrate.

This Bungie Day is all about Destiny, specifically looking back at the game’s first year. Full of epic highs, with the game launching and forming one of the biggest gaming communities around.

It is that very community that Bungie looks to celebrate, with a 30+ minute video looking back Destiny Year One. Jam packed with various videos from the community, the entire thing feels like a love letter from the fans to Destiny, and from Bungie to their fans.

“As we prepare to kick off the second year of Destiny, we’re looking back at the first year through your eyes. The launch of Destiny has meant so much more to us than the release of a new game. Our first journey around the sun together led to the origins of an amazing community.”

They didn’t shy away from looking at some of the low points of Destiny’s first year either, with a few Peter Dinklage jokes and references, including one about a “terrible script” that is particularly damning. However, this isn’t all that Destiny fans have to look forward to this Bungie Day.

Bungie has promised to reveal some extra special goodies for fans later on, so stay tuned for updates as the day rolls on.

UPDATE: One bonus has been revealed, with a new player emblem being available to those that complete the following tasks in Destiny:

1. Reach max level
2. Beat the Black Garden mission
3. Prevent the summoning of Crota’s soul (finish The Dark Below’s story missions)
4. Capture Skolas (finish House of Wolves’ story missions)
5. Beat Skolas in the Prison of Elders
6. Beat Atheon on hard difficulty
7. Beat Crota on hard difficulty
8. Finish 50 public events
9. Win 100 crucible matches
10. Get all 20 golden chests (five per planet)

Destiny Year One

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