Bungie is Giving Away a Free Etheric Light to Destiny Players

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With a mere 28 days to become legend and complete the moments of triumph, Bungie is giving Destiny players a free etheric light to help them out.

The etheric light will be sent to your postmaster later today and can be used to upgrade a piece of armor or weapon to the current maximum level.

This will make Skolas, the current hardest challenge in Destiny and other activities easier or simply let you upgrade one of your favorite weapons to the current cap so you’re ready for The Taken King. Sadly legendary weapons can’t be further ascended in The Taken King, but at least you’ll be able to enjoy them just a bit longer when the expansion releases.

Also, don’t forget that Bungie is still giving nine strange coins to those that register their e-mail on Bungie.net. To do so, simply make an account, sync it with your PSN/XBL and then go to your profile page, select settings and then choose notifications and email. From there just enter your e-mail and you’ll receive your coins on Friday. This promotion lasts until August 30, 2015, so there really is no rush to do it if you need to.

Etheric Light Postmaster

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