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Bungie to Issue Bans For Network Manipulation in Destiny

by William Schwartz


After months of complaining Bungie is finally addressing the network manipulation problem in Destiny.

“Bans for network manipulation are being issued in the Crucible. More details tomorrow in the Weekly Update,” tweeted Bungie.

While the tweet didn’t detail how they’ll determine someone is a cheater, the length of the ban or any further punishments, it’s great to see Bungie finally address this growing problem.

Following the launch of the Trials of Osiris there were a number of reports of people using lag to their advantage. While the community has had mixed reaction to the claims, ranging from agreement to frustration at the lack of dedicated servers, most seem to agree that it’s difficult dealing with lagging opponents.

Hopefully the bans will rekindle interest in the Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner, both of which have suffered from players giving up due to network issues. Only time will tell, but ideally this won’t result in a bunch of people with poor connections getting banned or a small slap on the wrist that solves nothing.

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