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Bungie Is Set To Reveal The Future Of Destiny Next Week

by Dean James


Destiny first released back in September 2014 before getting a few pieces of DLC and the major follow-up expansion with The Taken King last fall. Rumors have been swirling recently with the leak of a potential upcoming expansion and it sounds like Bungie is almost ready to reveal exactly what they have in store for the game moving forward.

Bungie is one of the most upfront developers with the community through their “This Week At Bungie” series on The latest comes just a week and a half before E3 starts, which had a major tease.

“This week at Bungie we’re preparing to reveal your next adventure. You’re invited to learn all about the next threat that you’ll confront as Guardians.”

They then go on to say to tune into their Twitch channel next Thursday, June 9 at 10 am PT for what they are calling the “first glimpse at what awaits you later on this year.”

This is as far as Bungie goes with the tease, though they do say that this will be followed by a “deeper dive” by the development team, which they have been known to do on their streams.

It would be very likely that this has something to do with the Rise of Iron leak recently, which we assume to be the next Destiny expansion. With Destiny 2 not coming until next year, they will have another major expansion this fall, so it makes sense to reveal it just ahead of E3 so that they can show it off even more in a week and a half.

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