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Bungie Talks Nessus’ Lost Sectors, Public Events, and More in Destiny 2

by Jennifer Locke


As part of IGN First this month, Rob Engeln, Rituals and Programming Lead at Bungie, talked about new features in Destiny 2 in an extended video showcasing gameplay on Nessus.

Engeln starts off by describing a new Public Event where players defend a drill as a Cabal warship shoots down rockets around it. Bungie re-imagined some returning events, but they have far more new event types this time in Destiny 2. Every Public Event will now have Heroic triggers, so completing an optional objective can trigger an even harder version of the event with increased swarms of tougher enemies.

Adventures are introduced as side missions similar in scope to certain quest missions from the first Destiny. They will be fully voiced with a story and expand on the lore of a destination or character. All adventures will be self-contained and “reasonably quick,” according to Engeln.

A big new addition to Destiny 2 are Lost Sectors. Instead of just having a small cave with a chest in it, Bungie expanded on this idea. Players will be able to explore vast cave systems with a boss that must be defeated in order to open a chest. While the gameplay below shows footage from Nessus, Lost Sectors will be on every planet.

As people complete story missions, more landing zones will be unlocked and more destinations will open up. Destiny 2 encourages players to really explore the environment, even if they may come across areas too difficult at lower levels.

Destiny 2’s beta was recently extended until tomorrow so people can explore The Farm and to allow Bungie to stress test the servers and its public matchmaking.

Destiny 2: Exploring Nessus’ Lost Sectors, Public Events, and Adventures – IGN First

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