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Where to Buy PlayStation VR

by Kyle Hanson


PlayStation VR hits stores tomorrow, October 13th. Pre-orders have been sold out for months, so currently there’s no way for you to get an order in for the hugely popular virtual reality device. However, with the official release date comes the ability to buy in-store, as well as a few online retailers that will have very limited restocks of the PSVR. To help you out, here’s where to buy PlayStation VR on October 13th.

Gamestop will have some store opening at midnight with limited quantities. You can also pick up your pre-ordered units if you have them, starting at midnight Eastern Time, or 9pm Pacific Time. Click here to find a store near you that will be participating in the midnight PlayStation VR event.

Amazon will also be putting just a few PSVR headsets up for sale at midnight ET. Apparently these will come in both the standard version and the launch bundle, which includes the Move camera and controllers. Head here and be ready to refresh right at midnight, or you’ll probably miss out.

Finally, Best Buy will also have just a few hundred of their stores open at midnight for the PlayStation VR launch. Click here to find the store closest to you, but make sure you’re there early. We don’t know how many units they will have, and they could go fast. They have also hinted at additional PSVR headsets available in-store and online starting tomorrow, so keep an eye on them if you fail to get one at any of the other stores.

As far as where to buy PlayStation VR on launch day that’s it for the big guys. Your local stores might have some units as well, including Wal-Mart, so be sure to check with them on their individual plans. This is launch day of a new piece of hardware, so things are going to be crazy, if you can wait, you should be able to find them on store shelves some time soon, though no one knows exactly when that will be the case.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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