More Call of Duty Black Ops Price Gouging

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Ok, so like the other 10 million people out there that waited patiently for Activision/Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops, I looked forward to the smorgasbord of content that a Call of Duty game provides. The excellent campaigns (usually), the beefy multiplayer, and in the case of Treyarch’s recent entries, the Zombies mode.

I would consider myself to be a loyalist when it comes to Call of Duty. Year in and year out since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, I have bought the game plus all expansion packs that are released. Today was the day when the lightbulb went off in my head that enough is enough.

Sure, when Infinity Ward released a rehashed map pack that included maps from a previously released game I was ok with that. It was fun to play the old maps with the new Killstreak perks and ever so slight improvements to the gameplay. But today, when I sat down to play to play Zombies with friends that had bought the “Hardened Edition” of Black Ops, I thought for sure that Treyarch wouldn’t expect for me to pay twice for the same downloadable content I bought just a little over a year ago.

The tiny glimmer of hope I had for my World at War Zombies map packs to work (which I bought at full price) fizzled out abruptly when I couldn’t play any of them. NACHT DER UNTOTEN, VERRUCKT, SHI NO NUMA, or DER RIESE, none of them worked. I love you guys, Activision. I have enjoyed so many of your games over the years, but seriously. I bought these zombie modes a year ago, and now you really want me to buy them right back?

I get it. You are a publically traded corporation and it’s your job to create profits for the bottom line,  and you would.  With all of the new players to the game that fall in love with Zombies mode they would be more than happy to pay for what they missed in the past, but asking a loyal fan to pay for these again is gouging just a little too deep. By the way, when are those gonna be up on the marketplace… just so I know.

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