Call of Duty: Ghosts shooting for 60 FPS in the next-generation

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Infinity Ward is once again shooting for 60 FPS with Call of Duty: Ghosts.  While it might not be something that the developers slap on the back of the box as a selling point, it’s one of those unseen qualities that arrives with each iteration of the shooter.

Knock it down to 30 frames per second and it doesn’t have the same feel

Though the many developers who’ve had their hands in the Call of Duty series over the past few years have been able to hit that standard, with Ghosts, it sounds like it’s more of a challenge.  The improved visuals and expanded creative possibilities has Infinity Ward scratching their heads as to how to deliver the most efficient yet ambitious game in the franchise.

Daniel Suarez recently sat down with Digital Spy to explain the challenges of not only making an ambitious game that harnesses the power of the next-gen, but to make one that runs like a Call of Duty game.

“You want to do high level characters, you want to do more effects, do more and more and more, but to perform at 60 frames per second, it needs to work at an efficient level,” Suarez explained.  “You knock it down to 30 frames per second and it doesn’t have that same sort of feel.  For us, it’s that we need to be at 60 frames per second.  There’s no compromise… Everything needs to be dialed in, become more efficient.”

It certainly sounds like a challenge from Infinity Ward’s standpoint.  It normally takes developers years to get acclimated to new systems, with the first years of software paling in comparison to what’s actually possible on the new hardware.

We’ll find out soon enough.  Like clockwork, the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts is slated for early November 2013.

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