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Call of Duty Elite Beta Goes Live for PS3

by William Schwartz


The Call of Duty: Elite Beta went live just a short time ago for players on the PS3.  The stat tracking and social network has begun its beta phase on the PlayStation, and will include a limited feature set in its initial offering to the invite only participants.

Expect a wide assortment of stat tracking abilities, custom groups, competitions, and video sharing to all be available during Call of Duty: Elite beta on the PS3.  The premium service will also see “a major updgrade of additional features” when it launches later this year with Modern Warfare 3.

To catch a glimpse of what Call of Duty: Elite is all about, have a look at this video composed by Dan Amrich of Activision, where he takes you on a guided tour of the features included in the service.  For more details on how to enlist in the beta, go here.

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