Call of Duty Vanguard Level Cap: Max Level and All Unlocks

The level cap and level unlocks in Call of Duty: Vanguard

by Thomas Cunliffe


Levelling up and trying out new unlocks is one of the most exciting aspects of Call of Duty’s multiplayer and Call of Duty: Vanguard is no exception. Advancing through level progression unlocks loadouts, perks, lethal and tactical grenades, weapons and brand new ‘Covenants’, which are a brand-new addition to Zombies mode. We’ve put a guide together to explain how the level cap and Prestige works and listed all unlocks in Call of Duty: Vanguard below.

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What is the Max Level in Call of Duty: Vanguard?

The max level in Call of Duty: Vanguard is Level 55: Commander. After hitting the level cap, Prestige works in the same way as 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and beyond. By level 55, all loadout items will be unlocked and the player will enter Seasonal Prestige levels, which, as the name suggests, reset at the end of each season.

The max Seasonal Prestige level is currently unknown, but if it’s anything like Call of Duty: Cold War, it should be around 1,000.

All Level Unlocks in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Recruit [Level 1] – Challenges, Commando (Loadout), Rebel (Loadout) and Headhunter (Loadout)

Private [Level 2] – Lone Wolf (Loadout)

Private II [Level 3] – Sapper (Loadout)

Lance Corporal [Level 4] – Custom Loadouts

Lance Corporal II [Level 5] – Survival Training (Perk), Bombing Run (Killstreak) and Mother Lode (Covenant)

Lance Corporal III [Level 6] – M1 Garand (Weapon)

Corporal [Level 7] – Radar (Perk) and Goliath (Field Upgrade)

Corporal II [Level 8] – Automaton (Weapon)

Corporal III [Level 9] – Gammon Bomb (Lethal) and Care Package (Killstreak)

Sergeant [Level 10] – Sten (Weapon)

Sergeant II [Level 11] – M1 Bazooka (Weapon) and Smoke Grenade (Tactical)

Sergeant III [Level 12] – Top Break (Weapon)

Staff Sergeant [Level 13] – Attack Dogs (Killstreak), Demolition (Perk) and Spaltterfest (Covenant)

Staff Sergeant II [Level 14] – Combat Shotgun (Weapon)

Staff Sergeant III [Level 15] – Ninja (Perk) and Dead Silence (Field Upgrade)

Gunnery Sergeant [Level 16] – Itra Burst (Weapon)

Gunnery Sergeant II [Level 17] – High Alert (Perk), Deathmachine (Killstreak) and Bloodlust (Covenant)

Gunnery Sergeant III [Level 18] – DP27 (Weapon)

Master Sergeant [Level 19] – Throwing Knife (Weapon) and Jammer [Field Upgrade]

Master Sergeant II [Level 20] – M1928 (Weapon)

Master Sergeant III [Level 21] – Lightweight (Perk), Spy Plane (Killstreak) and Resurrectionist (Covenant)

Master Gunnery Sergeant [Level 22] – 3-Line Rifle (Weapon) and FS Fighting Knife (Weapon)

Master Gunnery Sergeant II [Level 23] – 1911 (Weapon)

Master Gunnery Sergeant III [Level 24] – Gauntless (Perk) and Stim (Tactical)

2nd Lieutenant [Level 25] – BAR (Weapon)

2nd Lieutenant II [Level 26] – Panzerchreck (Weapon) and Emergency Airdrop (Killstreak)

2nd Lieutenant III [Level 27] – SVT-40 (Weapon) and Cull The Weak (Covenant)

Lieutenant [Level 28] – Engineer (Perk) and Deployable Cover (Field Upgrade)

Lieutenant II [Level 29] – Owen Gun (Weapon)

Lieutenant III [Level 30] – Mortar Barrage (Killstreak) and Thermite (Lethal)

Captain [Level 31] – Gracey Auto (Weapon) and Cymbal Monkey (Tactical)

Captain II [Level 32] – Overkill (Weapon) and Armor Plates (Field Upgrade)

Captain III [Level 33] – AS44 (Weapon) and Cryofreeze (Covenant)

Makor [Level 34] – Panzerfaust (Weapon) and Guard Dog (Killstreak)

Major II [Level 35] – Klauser (Weapon)

Major III [Level 36] – Ghost (Perk) and MK V Gas (Lethal)

Lieutenant Colonel [Level 37] – Type 11 (Weapon) and Unholy Ground (Covenant)

Lieutenant Colonel II [Level 38] – Demolition Charge (Lethal) and Firebombing Run (Killstreak)

Lieutenant Colonel III [Level 39] – Type 100 (Weapon) and Dead Accurate (Covenant)

Colonel [Level 40] – Forward Intel (Perk) and Field Mic (Field Upgrade)

Colonel II [Level 41] – NZ-41 (Weapon)

Colonel III [Level 42] – Combat Shield (Weapon) and Warmachine (Killstreak)

Brigadier General [Level 43] – Kar98k (Weapon)

Brigadier General II [Level 44] – Tactician (Perk) and Tactical Insertion (Field Upgrade)

Brigadier General III [Level 45] – Machine Pistol (Weapon), Brain Rot (Covenant) and S-Mine 44 (Lethal)

Major General [Level 46] – Cold Blooded (Perk) and Counter Spy Plane (Killstreak)

Major General II [Level 47] – G-43 (Weapon)

Major General III [Level 48] – Piercing Vision (Perk) and Dead Drop (Field Upgrade)

Lieutenant General [Level 49] – Double Barrel (Weapon)

Lieutenant General II [Level 50] – Molotov Cocktail (Lethal) and Strafing Run (Killstreak)

Lieutenant General III [Level 51] – PPSh-41 (Weapon) and Ammo Gremlin (Covenant)

General [Level 52] – MX11 Launcher (Weapon) and Decoy Grenade (Tactical)

General II [Level 53] – Bren (Weapon) and Self-Revive (Covenant)

General III [Level 54] – Scavenger (Perk) and Local Informants (Killstreak)

Commander [Level 55] – Volkssturmgewehr (Weapon)

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Call of Duty: Vanguard is available November 5th for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.








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