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Capcom announces Ultra Street Fighter 4, due in 2014

by William Schwartz


Ultra Street Fighter 4 will arrive in 2014, according to a recent announcement by Capcom during this year’s Evo 2013 event.  Ultra SF4 will add five new fighters to the mix, and Capcom has announced a variety of gameplay tweaks that will be added in the update.

Capcom has announced four of the five new fighters for Ultra Street Fighter 4.  They are Hugo, Elena, Poison, and Rolento, with a fifth character who will be revealed at a later date.

If this sounds like an expansion to Super Street Fighter 4, you’d be right.  For those who already own SSF4, the add-on will only cost $15.  If not, a $40 package of Super Street Fighter 4 and the Ultra DLC will be available in 2014.

Capcom has broken down the new characters and gameplay tweaks on the Unity Blog.

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