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Capcom discusses what’s next for Monster Hunter in the US

| April 25, 2012

Capcom discusses what's next for Monster Hunter in the US Mobile News Nintendo PlayStation  PSVita Playstation Vita Nintendo 3DS Monster Hunter 3Ds

Monster Hunter is definitely not as popular in the West as it is in Japan, but Capcom has completely forsaken Monster Hunter fans outside of the region.  Monster Hunter Tri G recently launched for the 3DS, but Capcom has been coy about whether that title would eventually hit the handheld for the rest of the world.

Though Capcom’s Christian Svennson believes that fans outside of Japan will have some big things to look forward to in the coming months.   “The reality is, obviously we’ve not brought over Portable 3rd, we’ve not brought over Portable 3rd HD.  At this point, we have not brought over Tri G on 3DS, so when I say this you may look at me as if I have three heads, but trust me, the future of Monster Hunter in the west is very bright,” said Svennson in a live stream from Capcom.

So what does this mean exactly for Monster Hunter fans?  We Svennson says that “At least one of those prior games was supposed to have been here by now.  Portable 3rd HD was how I’d hoped to bring Portable 3rd content westward.”  Svennson sites multiple problems in actually getting the game to market however.  “For a variety of reasons that just wasn’t able to happen.  Some of which was under Capcom’s control, but ultimately a key part not under our control.”

While not revealing any precise details about when to expect Monster Hunter for your new handhelds in the West.  Svennson suggests “As far as the future goes, I have every confidence that at some point in time, people are going to be happy with us again.”

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  • Kane

    Same thing he said six months ago after we didn’t get Portable 3rd. Forgive me if my faith is shot at this point.

  • Milkie

    Well that’s just a load of BS, now isn’t it?

  • Andymerriam

    This is crap! Just translate mh and put
    It on psn so we can use adjob party

  • Jon Crofts

    Yay, more BS from Capcom!

    In the full interview he seems to blame sales again, Tri sold well in the EU and it’s the last one we got :s

    Also that guy and Capcom just need to stfu about MH games in the west now, they’ve made it painfully obvious that they want to keep the games Japan only. Time they stopped pulling this nonsense every six months and just let us move on.