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“Capcom is Back” States CEO After Devil May Cry 5’s Positive Reception

Capcom is starting out 2019 with a huge bang.

by Alex Levine


Just a few years ago, Capcom was the last company that everyone thought would be able to turn things around. It was obvious they were struggling, and their weren’t a lot of people who gave them a chance. Now, in the middle of March, 2019, Capcom is the undisputed video game king. With two massively successful launches, Resident Evil 2 Remake and now Devil May Cry 5, the company has had arguably one of the greatest starts in a 12-month calendar year for a video game developer/publisher.

This was made even more evident by a short video, taken by Capcom Producer Matt Walker, which shows the CEO of Capcom USA, Kiichiro Urata, holding a cake pop of Dante while proclaiming “Capcom is Back!”

It’s hard to argue with Urata’s excitement, as Capcom has been on a tear with some excellent games recently. In early 2018, the company released Monster Hunter: World, which has since become their most successful game of all time. Ever since then, Capcom has done no wrong, and many gamers around the world are happy to see them back in the fold as they seem to be hitting their stride.

Devil May Cry 5 is an especially sweet victory for them. The fate of the franchise was in doubt ever since the last game in the series, and longtime fans were worried that Dante and companies best days were far behind them. Thankfully this wasn’t the case, and Devil May Cry 5 has gone on to be one of the highest rates games of the year so far.

We’re interested to see where the company goes from here. Without a doubt, they have shown us that they can revive an older franchise while breathing life into a current one. What about a new IP or two? Bringing out a new series is always challenging, but Capcom has shown us that they can be up to the task. After all, this is the same company that ruled the 90’s and most of the early 2000’s because they took those same chances. Either way, the year of 2019 belongs to Capcom, for now.

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